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Grade Level: Elementary, K - 12


The Microscope & Magnification Trunk explores the concept of light through lenses and the use of dissecting microscopes in scientific field and lab work.
Designer: Dr. Stuart Gelder (UMPI), Northern Maine Museum of Science, the Nylander Museum of Natural History
History: Materials for this trunk are provided by a math/science education grant from the Maine Math & Science Alliance, the Northern Maine Museum of Science, Aroostook County Action Program (Head Start Program), and the Nylander Museum of Natural History.



Notebook:Teachers Guidebook
Videos: None
Books & Publications: Magnets Discovery book
Posters: 1 electricity poster
CDs: Note: Software CD's (and Quick Start Guide) accompany teacher's Digital Stereo Microscope Model DM37
  Motic Images 2000 version 1.3 for Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP
  Motic Images J 1.0 for Mac OS 9.x

Printed Materials:

"The World of the Microscope & Experiments; Chris Oxlade and Connie Stockley; Usborne Publishing Ltd, 1989; ISBN 0 7460 0289
"Ward's Microscope Manual"; Ward's Natural Science Ltd (11)
"Out of Sight, Pictures of Hidden Worlds," Seymour Simon, Sea Star Books; 1998, Belgium, ISBN 1-58717-011-6 (Nylander Museum loan)
"Microscopic Life, A Golden Photo Guide from St. Martin's Press" Theresa Greenaway; St. Martin's Press, 2002, NY; ISBN 0-312-30055-7 (Nylander Museum Loan) (5)


One (1) - Pond I Smaller Microlife (laminated)
One (1) - Pond II Larger Microlife (laminated)
One (1) - Pond III Photosynthetic Microlife (laminated)


One (1) teacher's Digital Stereo Microscope Model DM37 WF10X Eyepiece 1X, 3X Objectives
Ten (10) - Monoscopes 10X eyepiece 2x Objective with/ manual
Ten (10) - High Intensity Illuminator Lamps 12 Volt 13.312 Watt
Note: Replacement bulbs available from museum office
Six (6) - Acrylic Demonstration Lens Sets with Activity Guides Lens (Six lenses each)
  Double Convex, Plano Convex Concavo Convex
  Double Concave, Plano Concave, Convexo Concance
Ten (10)Concave/Convex Unbreakable Mirrors with Teacher's Guide Booklet
Ten (10) Magnifying glasses
Ten (10) tweezers


Twenty (20) Polystyrene Petri Dishes (100x15mm)
Twenty (20) Polystyrene Petri Dishes (60x15mm)
Twenty (20) Polystyrene Petri Dishes (60x15mm)with samples
(specimens [partial or complete]- coral, shells, insects, sand, rocks, plants)
Thirty-six (36) specimens (dry) in compartment box
Twenty (20) Transfer Pipets for aqueous samples/specimens (not provided)
Five (5) Magnifying glasses (large-plastic)
Ten (10) 10X Hand Loupes
Ten (10) rulers (metric/inches)
Double-sided sticky tape

Suggested Materials not included:

Meter stick
Masking Tape
Florists Clay
30 cm² white cardboard
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