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Grade Level: K-12 with lesson plans for grades 3 & 4


The Shells Traveling Trunk contains marine specimens, a life-cycle display, a display of shells with descriptive common names, a Learn To Read I See Shapes floor puzzle, several shells necklaces, decorative shell items, and many different hands-on shells to build observation skills and an understanding of diversity. Shells exhibit many patterns, shapes, textures, and sizes for recognition and categorizing activities.
Designer: Northern Maine Museum of Science and UMPI student Denise Green.
History: Contents of this trunk were donated, gathered from the Northern Maine Museum of Science collections, or purchased by the Museum's Outreach Program.
Educational Content: The Shell Trunk has applications for all levels. Specific lesson plans for grades 3 and 4, designed by upper level UMPI education student Denise Green, have recently been added, including hands-on learning activities about the anatomy of bivalves and mathematics calculations of money values using shell necklaces.

Maine State Learning Results for Grades 3 and 4

Science and Technology

A1 Group the same organisms in different ways using different characteristics
A4 Compare and contrast life cycles, behavior, and structure of different animals
J2 Conduct scientific investigations/make observation, collect & analyze data, experiment
J3 Use results in a purposeful way
L1 Record results of activities and summarize to communicate what was learned
L4 Make or use sketches, tables, graphs, physical representations to explains ideas
M1 Explore how cultures have developed different technologies to deal with similar needs or problems - clothing & economy


B1 solve multi-step real life problems using four operations using whole numbers


TT14-0001 Jewels from the Ocean Deep Murray Hoyt 67-20439 0-910872-11-2
TT14-0002 Handbook for Shell Collectors Walter Freeman Webb 0-910872-11-2
TT14-0003 What's Inside Shells 1-879431-10-6
TT14-0004 The Romance of Shells in Nature and Art Louise Allderdice Travers 62-8550
TT14-0005 National Audubon Society "Field Guide to North American Seashells 0-394-51913-2
TT14-0006 A Guide to Seashells of North America 68-10083
TT14-0007 A Golden Guide Seashells of the World by R. Tucker Abbott 62-9852
TT14-0008 A Field Guide to the Shells of our Atlantic and Gulf Coasts Percy Morris
TT14-0009 My Hobby is Collecting Shells by Ruth H. Dudley
TT14b JM0003 The Romance of Shells in Nature and Art by Louise Allderdice Travers
TT14a 0016 Golden Guide Seashells of the World by Tucker Abbott

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