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Studying Earth's Weather

Grade Level: Elementary, 6 - 8
Description: The Weather Trunk includes a four-station setup for monitoring weather on site. Students will learn to make a barometer and rain gauge from household items. A variety of books, CDs, and videos teach about weather disaster planning and warnings, weather mapping
Designer: Meteorologist educator Sonia Mark, National Weather Service in Caribou, Maine.
History: Materials and equipment included in the Weather Trunk were provided by a math/science education grant from the Maine Math & Science Alliance, the Northern Maine Museum of Science, the Nylander Museum of Natural History, and the National Weather Service, Caribou, Maine.


  Tt22 Weather
  Creating a Weather Journal and Weather Measuring Instruments
    One (1) Wind vane cardboard square
  Billy and Marcia Learn About Winter Weather
    *Winter Storms The Deceptive Killers - Guide to Survival
*Winter Storms The Deceptive Killers - A Preparedness Guide
  Surface Analysis & Cloud Identification
  Watch Out - Storms Ahead
  Reasons for the Seasons & Daylight and Dark
    *One (1) Change of Seasons cardboard circle
    *One (1) Change of Seasons pencil
  Severe Weather Events
    Hurricanes Unleashing Nature's Fury
    Thunderstorms Tornadoes Lightning
    Flash Floods and Floods
    NOAA Weather Radio
  "Eyewitness Weather," ISBN 0-7894-0719-1
  The Weather Classroom "Winter Weather"
  : Jetstream I, II, III
Books & Publications:    
  1. Quick Study Guide "Meteorology, A Comprehensive Guide to Weather Phenomena," ISBN 157222572-6
  2. "The Climate Revealed," William J. Burroughs, ISBN 0-521-77081-5
  3. "Hurricanes, Earth's Mightiest Storms," Patricia Lauber, ISBN 0-590-47406-5
  4. "Guide to Sea State, Winds,m and Clouds," US Dept of Commerce, NOAA
  5. "The Snowflake, Winter's Secret Beauty," Kenneth Libbrecht, ISBN 0-89658-630-8
  6. "Weather Mania, Discovering What's Up and What's Down," Michael A. DiSpezio, ISBN 1-4027-0860-2
  7. "The Nature Company Guides Weather," Burroughs, et al, ISBN 0-7370-0080-5
  Five (5) laminated NOAA's National Weather Service Cloud-Sky ID
  Twelve (12) IF23021 Weather (Fog, Wind & Air Pressure, Hurricane, Rainbow, Aurora, Temperature, Precipitation, Drought & Flood, Tornado, Clouds, Lightning & Thunder, and Waterspout)
  Three (3) NASA lithographs - "Water is a Force of Change [Hql-401]," TOMS Ozone - Difference from Climatology [HqL-371], Global Sea Surface temperatures [Hql-324]
  Cloud 9 Post Cards - Cumulus Clouds, Nephelcoccygia, Cirrus Clouds, Becoming Cumulonimbus, Crepuscular Rays, Stratus Clouds, Lightning, Sunrise-Sunset Colors, Rainbow)
  Four (4) Learning Resources LER2030 Weather Centers (barometer, thermometer C°, compass, hygrometer)
  Four (4) Anemometers Wind meters
  Four (4) Taylor Rain Gauges
  Two (2) Wooden rulers
  One (1) Fischer Scientific Max-Min Thermometer (Caution - contains mercury)
  Two (2) Coffee Cup barometers
  One (1) Soda bottle rain gauge
  One (1) Change of Seasons cardboard circle
  One (1) Change of Seasons pencil
  One (1) Wind vane cardboard square
  Five (5) Styrofoam cups anemometers
  One (1) Straw
  Four(4) Anemometer Q-Tips
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