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The University of Maine at Presque Isle:
95 Years of Commitment to Education

     The University of Maine at Presque Isle has had a long, successful existence since its conception in 1903. Although the University has changed substantially since 1903, its major goal of providing a quality education for students has remained the same. In addition to course work, the University has always found value in education outside of the classroom, as indicated by its continuous commitment to University clubs and organizations, as well as to intramural and intercollegiate athletics.

     In order to fulfill my Senior Project requirements for graduation, I decided to study the history of the University of Maine at Presque Isle. With the use of the University Archives in the Special Collections room in the lower level of the library, I have researched the University from its conception in 1903 to the present year, 1998. Much of my research has focused on buildings, people, sports, clubs and organizations, and the very early beginnings of what has evolved into the University as it is at the present time. Following is a table that shows my main topics of research. Check out specific categories, or to read a narrative of the complete history of the University, please click on "Long Narrative" in the table below.

Buildings Sports Clubs & Organizations Long Narrative
Hall of Fame Room Interesting Tidbits Important People Principals & Presidents


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