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Important People



Miss Ardelle M. Tozier - The First Librarian of ASNS





Miss Ida M. Folsom





Miss Marguerite Pullen

Mr. Sanford E. Preble

Mr. Jan Kok - A long-time music teacher

Miss Mary E. Kelley

Dr. Clifford O.T. Wieden


Miss Caroline Gentile - Miss Gentile has been with this school since 1946. It is greatly due to her efforts that the Physical Education program has grown into the excellent program that it is recognized as today. Miss Gentile exemplifies the meaning of dedication and true accomplishment.


Reverend George M. Park - Mr. Park was largely responsible for the establishment of Aroostook State Normal School in Presque Isle. He put a great deal of time and effort into campaigning for support of the new normal school in Presque Isle.


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