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Principals & Presidents

Since the opening of the Aroostook State Normal School in 1903, there have been three Principals and five Presidents who served as the head of the school. The very first Principal was Irving O. Bragg. Two Principals, San Lorenzo Merriman and Clifford O.T. Wieden, followed Mr. Bragg as Principal of Aroostook State Normal School. In 1952, when A.S.N.S. was upgraded to a four-year curriculum, the school took on the new name of Aroostook State Teachers College. With that change also came the change of the title of Principal to President. Therefore, Clifford O.T. Wieden was appointed the school's first President. Presidents following him were Stanley F. Salwak, Constance H. Carlson, James R. Roach, and the present President, Michael W. Easton. Read about each of our Principals and Presidents and the advancements in the school during their presidency by clicking on the names in the table below.

Irving O. Bragg San Lorenzo Merriman Clifford O.T. Wieden
Stanley F. Salwak Constance H. Carlson James R. Roach Michael W. Easton


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