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Buildings of UMPI

The school that is now called the University of Maine at Presque Isle has seen a huge change in its physical being since it was first established in 1903 as the Aroostook State Normal School. None of the buildings that now occupy the campus are original buildings of the Aroostook State Normal School. The original buildings burned down in 1923; however, a number of buildings have been erected which make up the campus as it is today. The first of those buildings was Normal Hall, which was constructed in 1905. Following is a table that will link you to each of the buildings that exist on the U.M.P.I. campus today. Check them out to view a picture and to learn the history of each building.

Normal Hall Preble Hall Facilities Support Building Norton Museum
Folsom Hall Pullen Hall Wieden Hall Skyway Suites
Library Campus Center Kelley Commons Central/South Hall
Emerson Hall Park Hall Merriman Hall President's House


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