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Clubs & Organizations

Throughout the history of the University of Maine at Presque Isle, there have been a huge number of clubs and organizations that have emerged through the interest of students. Some of these groups have enjoyed a long existence at this school; however, unfortunately, there have been many others that have not lasted long at all. As a result, you should notice more narrative about some groups, while there might be little to no narrative about another group. This depends on the length and successfulness of its existence on this campus.

In addition, the year and date of establishment of the groups are based upon the appearance of groups in the yearbook, the Salmagundi. Therefore, they are estimated dates. For example, if a group appeared in the 1998 yearbook, one would not know for sure whether it was established in the fall semester, which would make it 1997, or in the spring semester of 1998. All general years are based upon the year of the graduating class. Following is a table that will help you find the club or organization that you would like to check out.

Religious Groups Musical Groups Greek Organizations
Literary Groups/Publications Theater Groups International Groups
Residential Life Groups P.E./Health/Recreation Groups
Miscellaneous Groups Student Activity/Social Groups


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