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Athletics has always been an important component of life at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, even when it was named the Aroostook State Normal School (ASNS). Basketball was the first major sport that was played at ASNS, but with time, other sports were introduced to the athletic program and became an integral part of the education and recreation at this school. At first, basketball was only played intramurally, but before long the school was competing intercollegiately with other Normal Schools and colleges.

In addition to the intercollegiate sports examined below, there were numerous other sports that never became an intercollegiate sport, but that were played intramurally or taught as part of the physical education curriculum. That list of intramural and curricular sports follows the Women's and Men's Intercollegiate Athletics tables shown below.

Women's Intercollegiate Athletics

Basketball Soccer Softball Cross Country
Volleyball Tennis Field Hockey Cheerleaders

Men's Intercollegiate Athletics

Basketball Soccer Baseball
Wrestling Football Cross Country

Intramural and Curricular Athletics

Intramural athletics has a long history of existence at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. In addition to good competition, intramurals are meant to be a fun change from the every day educational stresses of course work. There have been many intramural sports to choose from in the school's past, and there continues to be a great number of intramural sports to choose from to this day. Following is a list of intramural and curricular sports that have been offered, in addition to the sports named in the intercollegiate athletic tables. This list is not exhaustive.




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